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In 2002, I became a certified Polish translator and interpreter, for Polish-English and English-Polish.  I am registered on the list of the Polish Ministry of Justice‘s certified translators with the number TP/1542/06.

In my capacity as a public functionary, I translate and interpret for courts, police, public prosecution office and other public authorities where required. I am periodically subject to supervision by the Governor of the Pomeranian Province (Wojewoda Pomorski).

When do you need a certified Polish court translator?

You typically need the services of a Polish court translator when the translation must bear an official seal and signature of a state-approved functionary.

Typically, this will mean a document in English will need to be submitted as evidence before Polish authorities – because all documents before the Polish authorities must be in Polish.  I am also a certified Polish translator from English to Polish.  As such, documents in Polish that are translated by me into English may also be recognised before foreign courts and authorities, subject to the various legalisation requirements (principally apostillisation).

As a translator and interpreter sworn in the Regional Court of Gdansk (in 2002), by affixing my official seal on my translation, I am able to certify that is an original and true translation done by a professional, and therefore the translation should be recognised in all offices and courts worldwide.

The pricing structure for certified translation is different to reflect the different statutory responsibilities as a public functionary.  Please feel free to contact me about that.  Also, one standard certified translation page is regulated by legal provisions and amounts to 1125 characters, as opposed to 1800 characters for a regular translation page.  The standard page for certified services is regulated by Polish law.

For my certified interpreting services, please look at this page.

Certified Polish translator