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Consecutive interpreter:

Skills of a professional Polish consecutive interpreter

Not only language mastery

All interpreting requires special skills and a Polish consecutive interpreter is no different.

Not only do you have to speak both the source and the target languages fluently, but you also need to have the ability to work with and between them promptly, smoothly and as calmly as possible in the circumstances.

This professional skill and the manner of its delivery is developed by years of practice and training. As a professional Polish consecutive interpreter, I work not only during the interpreting task. In order to interpret properly, I have to spend time preparing before the interpreting matter begins.  It is particularly important to read the documents relevant to the meeting and I also prepare specifically for the likely vocabulary and content of the meeting.

Best at specific areas

I am a Polish consecutive interpreter and a specialist in interpreting at various types of legal meetings, court hearings and weddings.

For examples of my work, I have interpreted in legal meetings at the offices of various notaries public.  I have attended court hearings at the District Court in Sopot in professional capacity as a court-certified consecutive Polish interpreter.  I have also regularly interpreted at weddings at Sopot Town Hall.


Polish consecutive interpreter