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English and Polish Translations

Polish-English and English-Polish translations

The best Polish translations, as with all translations, meet the challenge of transferring the message and ideas expressed in the source language into a coherent and meaningful message in the target text, carrying across the same ideas.

Polish-English and English-Polish translations face legal and cultural differences, and a different construct between the languages (English is shorter, Polish has longer words and structures).  Specific texts must also take into account differences in the histories, usage and imagery underlying the language.  Still, this is a task which, when carried out successfully, gives the translator with the profound satisfaction of being an intellectual constructor capable of building bridges between the two worlds.

Specific examples of my Polish-English and English-Polish translations

My Polish translations mostly include commercial documents, agreements, tender documents, EU certificates and declarations of conformity, court decisions. I also translated two books for Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne (Gdańsk Psychological Publishing House): Embracing the Fear by Judith Bemis and Amr Barrada, and Fundamentals of Marital Therapy by D. Russell Crane. I translate for law offices, courts and public authorities, English and Polish translation agencies and companies, as well as for numerous individual persons.

If you need a translation for a court or office, please look also at court certified.

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