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Member of the BST

Objectives of the translation association 

Translation skills must necessarily evolve with the industry as a whole and I believe that it is difficult to develop at the fastest rate as an isolated individual.  It is important to compare my experiences with active professionals and leverage from the ones who can help me improve. For this reason, together with other like-minded translators and interpreters seriously thinking about how to maintain the highest level of service, in April 2006 we founded a translation association, one of few in Poland.  Our translation association is the Baltic Society of Translators.

Upgrading skills through a translation association

As one of the professionals active in this translation association, I regularly meet my translators colleagues in order to discuss matters relevant to the translation industry. The meetings involve speakers such as representatives of the official bodies supervising Polish certified translators and interpreters. I also participate in training sessions organised by the Society, and run by specialists in legal and economic aspects, as well as academic teachers of the evolution of language and grammar.

Translation associations